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Part 1: Seeking truth without support

ミエ・コヒヤマさん(以下、M): 訴訟を起こすのは大変な決断でしたよね?
Mie Kohiyama(M) : Was it difficult to decide whether or not to approach the police to file a complaint after you were raped?

詩織さん(以下、S): はい、とても難しかったです。当初は自分の身に起こったことにあまりにも混乱していたし、TBSのワシントン支局長だった山口氏を尊敬していたこともあり、ました。何がなんだかわからなくて、とにかく自分のアパートに帰って体を洗いたかった。実はこれが、証拠を消してしまう最もやってはいけないことだったのですが。とにかく、私はどうすればいいのか? 誰かに教えて欲しかった。

Shiori Ito (S) : It was a very hard decision to take. I was so confused about what had happened to me and I also had a lot of respect for Mr. Yamaguchi, who was the bureau chief for TBS in Washington at the time.
It was very hard to understand what had just happened, but all I knew was that I had to go home and take a shower. This was, in fact, the worst thing I could have done because you lose all of the evidence you need, although I had evidence on my underwear… I wish someone had told me what to do when these things happen.
In school, they don’t teach you what to do after you face such circumstances. They simply tell you how to protect yourself, how to prevent yourself from ending up in such situations. So if you are raped or sexually assaulted, it’s very easy to blame yourself, to tell yourself that you weren’t able to avoid the situation, or couldn’t protect yourself. This is why it took me some time to fully realize what had happened ? because I blamed myself.

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